January 2004 News Archive

Saturday, January 31

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Thursday, January 29

Emperor Ssraeshza flicks its forked tongue one last time

Jade Dynasty admire their victory against Emperor Ssraeshza

Tuesday, January 27

Saturday, January 24

Jade Dynasty Ranger Archery Squad at the Vulak`Aerr event in the Temple of Veeshan

Houshi tells the guild, 'ONLY TIME YOU WILL HEAR THIS "Rangers look pretty freakin cool on that wall shooting arrows"'

Jade Dynasty completes the 16 previous waves and engages Vulak`Aerr

Vulak`Aerr slows the raid force with AE Ancient Bad Breath

Vulak`Aerr gasps one last roar as it is collapsing to the ground

Jade Dynasty admire their victory against Vulak`Aerr

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