February 2004 News Archive

Sunday, February 29

Saturday, February 28

Friday, February 27

Thursday, February 26

Jade Dynasty admire their victory against Terris Thule

Wednesday, February 25

Tuesday, February 24

Disembodied hands play an eerie tune on the organ

Maestro of Rancor is upset that his haunting melody has been interrupted

Maestro of Rancor's banshees have spawned

Jade Dynasty admire their victory against Maestro of Rancor

Sunday, February 22

Jade Dynasty enters Vex Thal

Saturday, February 21

Thursday, February 19

Tuesday, February 17

Biggwort gets a new barber

Will the real Vallon Zek please raise your sword

Two Vallon Zek down, three Vallon Zek to go

Jade Dynasty admire their victory against Vallon Zek

Rangers envy the archery abilities of Tallon Zek

Tallon Zek takes aim with his deadly bow

Even in his death, Tallon Zek taunts us with his finger

Jade Dynasty admire their victory against Tallon Zek

Monday, February 16

Zerging with melee rush, immediate nuking, charmed Guardians, and Ranger Trueshot and WeaponShield proved effective against Rydda`Dar

Julean tells the guild, 'balazzarr tells group: my lil wood figure finally gettin good, i almost had milk all over my screen from that lol'

Friday, February 13

Wednesday, February 11

Tuesday, February 10

Monday, February 9

Saturday, February 7

Friday, February 6

Thursday, February 5

Aerin`Dar takes a dirt nap

Tuesday, February 3

Monday, February 2