March 2003 News Archive

Wednesday, March 31

Tuesday, March 30

Monday, March 29

Saturday, March 27

4 arms drops to his knees under the force of Jade Dynasty

Go go swarm pets

Va Xi Aten Ha Ra tosses us about

Blob throws us airborne 

Blob pushed into the window

Aten Ha Ra is going down

Jade Dynasty owns Vex Thal

Friday, March 26

Jade Dynasty progress in Vex Thal to Thall Va Kelun

Thursday, March 25

Wednesday, March 24

Tuesday, March 23

Monday, March 22

Sunday, March 21

Bertoxxulous incoming

Bertoxxulous slain

Saturday, March 20

Friday, March 19

Wednesday, March 17

Tuesday, March 16

Monday, March 15

Sunday, March 14

Saturday, March 13

Battling Shei Vinitras and death adds

Melees battle a flailing Shei on the floor while casters and archers are protected from mana drain on the ledge

At death, Shei impaled himself on his staff

The battle against Saryrn begins

Sorrowsong and silencing ravens were annoying

Jade Dynasty admire their victory against Saryrn

Friday, March 12

Thursday, March 11

Power nap during glyphed covered serpent battle

Wednesday, March 10

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Tuesday, March 2