Jade Dynasty Charter provided for historical purposes.
Jade Dynasty is no longer an active guild.
Applications are not being accepted.

We are a guild dedicated to pursuing the ultimate challenges EverQuest has to offer. We work closely together to strive for the pinnacle of success. Our purpose is to give our members the opportunity to raid, experience exceptional high end encounters and content, have fun and progress in the game.

About Us
It is a real pleasure to wear a Jade Dynasty guild tag. We are a strong high end guild made up of approximately 120 real-life and in-game friends including some of the most charismatic, talented and friendly people on the server. We are progressing rapidly through more and more challenging encounters and growing in strength, skill and ambition all the time.

What we have in common is a shared sense of purpose and ambition, a high degree of skill, and a willingness to learn and progress. Our strong preference is to group and raid with each other rather than with people outside of the guild. We are however, always pleased to add new friends to our circle and offer a warm welcome to newcomers who share our purpose and who meet our standards of ambition, behavior and skill.

The guild ethos is built around the concept of rewarding those members who provide the most support to the guild in achieving its overall purpose. Simply put, those members who attend the most raids will obtain the best rewards. Support for the guild in other ways – e.g. by grouping with members to help them gain xp, by leveraging tradeskills, by being constructive and active on the message boards etc. are all taken into account by the Officers – but ultimately this is a raiding guild and frequent raiding is what carries the most weight.

Officers provide leadership and direction in-game and out. Particularly in a raid environment, members are expected to follow the instructions of the officers. Debate and discussion should be saved for the message forums (or private tells in a non-raid period) where members are actively encouraged to share their views.

We do not expect that any classes will automatically provide services to other members. Although help may often be given when requested, there are no expectations that guild members should provide e.g. ports, rezzes, or buffs. The only exception to this is during raids.

Application Policy and Process
Many guilds make you jump through hoops to become a member, asking you to be a certain class, obtain sponsors, attend a certain number of events, achieve a minimum level of resist gear etc. We don't ask you to do any of those things. Our application process reflects the way we run things in the guild generally - it is designed to be simple yet powerful and effective.

If after reading about us you would like to join us please go to apply and read about our current needs and who to email regarding your application. If, after reading your application, and you meet our application requirements, we will invite you to raid with us. The application time is 2 weeks minimum and 4 weeks maximum from when we post your application. If, after raiding, we think you would be a good fit for the guild and you believe that you would be happy here, you will be invited to become a member. While you raid with us as an applicant you will earn JDP, but not be able to spend it until you become a member of the guild.

Minimum app level is 62. This is to enable accessibility to common raiding planes for the majority of our members. 61st level may apply but must have PoV/PoS/BoT flags. We do not pursue epics as a guild, although members are encouraged to help each other.

Apps are required to provide:

To succeed as an app:

Raiding is both encouraged and expected. It is expected that members will attend all raids taking place while they are online unless they have prior permission from an officer to do otherwise. We are an upper level raiding guild and currently raid at least 4 days per week and as many as 7. Currently we have scheduled raids on:

Members are expected to attend raids if they are active online. If a member is actively playing they should be at called or scheduled raids. If they cannot attend the raid they must let an officer know that they do not plan on coming to the raid, it is more a courtesy then anything else. We do not expect members to make every single raid that is called, we simply ask you for the courtesy of informing an officer that you are not coming. However, repeated and consistent missing of raids is not the standard and will be handled at the discretion of the officers.

All other times are free for experience grouping, questing, trade skills etc. As we raid frequently it is important that this free time is respected to enable members to progress their characters.

Requirements of Members

Expectations of Raid Leaders & Officers

JDP & Loot
Jade Dynasty uses a simplified version of DKP (Dragon Kill Points) called JDP. JDP are awarded for raid attendance and can be spent upon wearable loot at any raid you attend. You may not go into debt on JDP by spending points you do not have. The point total shown on the JDP board is all the JDP you can spend at that time even if you have earned JDP that are still to be credited to your account. All JDP will be updated regularly.

JDP Determination
JDP is accrued at 1 point per hour of raid attendance plus bonus points for target mobs killed. For "first kills" this bonus is doubled! Items with required levels can only be bid on by people that level or higher.

Wearable Loot

There are no other restrictions on loot bidding.

Key Quest Items
These are allocated by the Officers on the basis of exemplary behavior within the guild. Those that attend a majority of raids and actively group within the guild to help themselves and their guildmates achieve more xp will, at Officer discretion, be awarded drops first. Specific dedication toward a specific key target is also taken into account

Spell Parchment/Rune Drops
These are subject to JDP bidding. If, after turning in the parchment, the spell obtained is a duplicate, the spell should be handed in to the treasury officer. In this circumstance, the JDP spent on the parchment will be partially refunded. The spell that is handed in will then be put up for auction via JDP bidding at the next raid that the treasury officer attends, posted on the board, or, if fairly common, sold to further the guild treasury

Spell Drops
Old world spell drops are awarded to the highest level that has need of the spell. In the case of a tie in level and need, it will be awarded to the member with the most JDP. "Raid" type spells will be distributed at the discretion of the officers

Epic Drops
If an Epic piece is dropped at a general raid the drop is allocated to the member present who has the highest total JDP earned. We do not do guild-sponsored epic raids. Members are requested not to ask repeatedly for epic help over the guild channel, but rather to send a private tell to friends. Otherwise, you can post on the main JD board an interest and date for a non guild-sponsored epic hunt, provided the date selected does not conflict with a JD raid.

Dishonesty about loot will lead to guildremoval.

Officers are expected to work hard for the good of the guild. They undertake a large number of administrative tasks which can significantly cut into their playing time. Officers are expected to display leadership, energy, integrity and good people and communication skills. Officers are selected by the guild leadership based upon demonstration of the above behaviour over a period of time. A list of the current officers are on the guild roster.

Level Policy
Jade Dynasty is a high level guild. We have no support system in place for lower level players and do not wish to create one. If you joined the guild below level 62 you will be expected to level to 62 within 30 days of being invited to the guild. This is so you can have access to the planes and be able to assist and participate in guild events in those zones. Failure to level will result in the suspension of your points until such time as you decide to level your character. All members are encouraged and EXPECTED to continue to level to 65.

Activity Policy
It is important to the guild that all our members are active players. That means we would expect to see you online as often as possible. It is a fundamental condition of membership that members attend a minimum of 1-2 raids a week. However members are expected to raid if they are able to be online when a raid is called. Members are also expected to visit the guild website and message board frequently and to contribute to debate and discussion. Persistently inactive and non-raiding players are a dead weight on the guild. However, everybody has temporary periods when real-life needs to come first and in those instances members may request a short-term sabbatical or semi-sabbatical until they are able to return to playing at an acceptable level of activity.

Apart from those on sabbaticals that have been agreed in advance with the officers, persistently inactive members may be guildremoved at the earliest opportunity.

Members who have a trend of being online and unwilling to raid, or anon and not with the guild will be guildremoved.

Conduct Policy
Members of Jade Dynasty are expected to take individual responsibility for their own actions and to act with maturity and integrity. Courtesy, respect, consideration and good manners are expected of all members at all times. Members and Officers are expected to act with the good of the guild in mind. Persistent or significant failure to observe these requirements will result in guildremoval.

The following actions are not condoned or permitted by Jade Dynasty:

Alts Policy
We do not encourage the playing of alts. Players should spend their time, platinum and energy on developing their main character to become the best they can possibly be in order to further increase the strength of the guild. However, if you do have an alt, please take note of the following rules:

Leaving Policy
We hope that you will be happy in Jade Dynasty and will want to stay with us through the rest of your EQ career. However, should you start to consider leaving we ask that you talk to an Officer before you /guildremove as many issues can be resolved in this way.

Applying to Other Guilds
If you do subsequently decide to leave we would ask you to /guildremove BEFORE applying to any other guilds. We consider it extremely discourteous to other members to apply to other guilds while still wearing the Jade Dynasty guild tag. Should it come to the attention of an Officer that you have applied to another guild but have not /guildremoved yourself from Jade Dynasty, you will be /guildremoved at the earliest opportunity.

If you leave the guild you will lose the JDP that you earned as a member. At the discretion of the Officers, if you return to the guild within 48 hours you may be recredited with your original JDP after earning 50 additional points. If you leave the guild twice within 12 months, no JDP will be recredited.

Returning to Jade Dynasty
If you left the guild in good standing and wish to return, in most cases you will need to reapply. This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Officers.

*This charter is subject to change at anytime without notification based on the discretion of a majority of the guild leadership of Jade Dynasty.*