In a time not so long ago, heroes and heroines banned together into an alliance they called Jade Dynasty. Jade Dynasty evolved into a family of friends with the raiding force to conquer challenges through the eras. These are a few of the Jade Dynasty victories:

Avatar of War (September 22, 2003)
Vulak`Aerr (January 24, 2004)

Burrower Beast (August 22, 2003)
High Priest of Ssraeshza (August 24, 2003)
Vyzh`dra the Cursed (January 17, 2004)
Emperor Ssraeshza (January 29, 2004)
Aten Ha Ra (March 27, 2004)

Planes of Power
Manaetic Behemoth (June 24, 2003)
Terris Thule (August 24, 2003)
Aerin`Dar (September 5, 2003)
Rydda`Dar (February 16, 2004)
Vallon Zek and Tallon Zek (February 17, 2004)
Saryrn (March 13, 2004)
Bertoxxulous (March 21, 2004)

A story was told of a legendary guild that began long ago as a vision and evolved into a powerful force. The story began in October 2001 when a Enchanter of the Dark Elves named Djbouiti yearned for a change. Djbouiti was an original co-leader of a guild named A Higher Calling along with a Barbarian Shaman named Habs. Djbouiti was troubled by his guild and set out to create a new guild with a Half Elf Paladin named Kilhawn and other friends from two other guilds. Djbouiti created the new guild and named it Jade Dynasty.

The others backed out of the new guild plans and Djbouiti was left alone with Jade Dynasty. Jade Dynasty did not see much activity in its early days and was mostly filled with Praxiums alts. Djbouiti grew tired of leading the guild that wasn't going anywhere so he decided to give the guild away. In Dreadlands, Djbouiti began announcing "Does anyone want a guild?".

The time was June 2002 when a Dark Elf Cleric named Irony heard the announcement of a guild. Irony sent Djbouiti a tell looking to join the guild Jade Dynasty. Djbouiti invited Irony to Jade Dynasty, transferred guild leadership to Irony and promptly left the guild. Irony was shocked, only seeking to join a guild but now he was the guild leader of Jade Dynasty.

A few months passed and it was August 2002.  A Druid of the Halflings named Duggun and a Shaman of the Barbarians named Anng were officers of Veteran's Legion but were troubled with their guild. They didn't know where to go when Anng suggested the empty guild that his alt Irony recently acquired. Anng and Duggan moved to Jade Dynasty and many members of Veteran's Legion followed over the next few days. Duggun became the guild leader of Jade Dynasty and Anng and Nooloon were officers.

Anng was a close friend of another Barbarian Shaman named Truelove who was the guild leader of Eighth Stand. Eighth Stand guild had been created by Dragons of Lore guild members who had decided to form a new guild. Anng and Truelove organized a guild merger in which Jade Dynasty absorbed Eighth Stand with Valatar taking the first step on the move.

Jade Dynasty had become a force that was taking down Derakor the Vindicator. Jade Dynasty made an attempt merge and absorb the War Council of Dune during a Halloween Party in the old Plane of Hate but it resulted in conflict and they ended up leaving.

Along the way, guild leadership was transferred from Duggun to Anng. European members struggled with the timezone difference and many moved to Chaos Justice. After many requests, a mixed-race Ranger named Lemidin gave in and took over leadership of the guild when Anng had real life commitments. Many members of Hyperion (the unsuccessful merger of Titans and Veeshan's Talons) joined Jade Dynasty.

Jade Dynasty grew and progressed through Velious, Luclin and Planes of Power raiding content as it cycled through waves of losses from deguilds and new members with application drives. Around December 2003, Lemidin stepped down as guild leader when he moved to the UK and a Human Paladin named Benedril stepped up to lead. Jade Dynasty continued to progress through raiding content with Benedril's goals of taking down Emperor Ssraeshza and entering Vex Thal which was achieved.

Around April 2004, some Jade Dynasty guild members starting choosing different paths. Some left to join Elemental Planes raiding guilds, some left to join family guilds and others retired from EverQuest altogether. Jade Dynasty was struggling due to its loss in raid force so it was voted to merge and absorb Elite Steel Alliance. Unfortunately, the merger was not enough to halt the collapse. A domino effect of deguilds and loss of force had started and could not be stopped. Now only a few remain that still proudly carry the Jade Dynasty tag.

Thanks to those that took the time and effort to make Jade Dynasty a legendary guild.

Guild Leaders
Benedril (Raid Leader)

Antonelf (Raid Leader)
Nazlith (Raid Leader)
Tumbok (Raid Leader)
Latrom (Raid Leader)

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