Rules Mascot

Please read and follow the rules to ensure a positive and fair gaming experience for all players. Violating the rules may result in penalties, including temporary or permanent bans.

Character Names
Character names must be appropriate and not offensive. It is prohibited to impersonate an administrator or moderator.
Cheating and Exploits
Cheating or exploiting is strictly prohibited. Report any potential exploits or issues to the game's developers. Valid reports will get rewarded. Penalties for cheating may include temporary or permanent bans.
Account Safety
Protect your account and do not share login information with others. Account theft is the responsibility of the account holder.
Client Limit
Multiple clients is allowed but limited to 3 clients + 1 client vendor.
Video surveillance (CCTV)
Do not block video surveillance in the game. You will first receive a warning, then penalties will be applied if you violate it again.
Event Rules
Participate in in-game events and competitions following the established rules. Respect event organizers and maintain fairness in competitions.
Community Guidelines
Be a positive and helpful member of the game community. Assist newcomers and promote a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.
Currency and Economy
Do not engage in gold sales, item duplication, account sales or exchanges, or other activities that detract from the value of the in-game economy.